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Children’s Day (2021)

School cleaning (2021)

Setsubun 節分 | Adobe Community Fund (2021)

Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund 2020 Commission project “Setsubun 節分” Link→Behance

Tourist spots in Japan (2020)

Tourist spots in Japan Hokkaido – 札幌市時計台 Sapporo Clock TowerMiyagi – 伊達政宗騎馬像 The statue of Masamune DateTokyo – 東京タワー Tokyo towerAichi – 名古屋城 Nagoya castleKyoto – 金閣寺(鹿苑寺) Kinkaku-jiHiroshima…

The cat sitting like human (2020)

The cat is sitting like human on the wall. I saw this cat often when I was a kid. This is a real story.私が子供の頃、いつも何食わぬ顔で塀の上を人のように座っている猫がいたんです。

Octopus Park (2018)

Octopus Park タコ公園 (2018) ↓↓↓ click and zoom in ↓↓↓

Japan (2018)

Japan (2018)