Category: Animation

How to write Japanese letters “Hiragana あ行” (2020)

How to write Japanese letters “Hiragana あ行” (2020) This is my personal project and experiment. I’m teaching myself to make animations. It’s still far from the professional level,…

The cat sitting like human (2020)

The cat is sitting like human on the wall. I saw this cat often when I was a kid. This is a real story.私が子供の頃、いつも何食わぬ顔で塀の上を人のように座っている猫がいたんです。

Båten / Animation (2019)

Båten (2019) Clip Studioでアニメーションを初めて作ってみました。まだまだ稚拙な出来ですが、とにかく楽しい作業でした!もっと頑張ります!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 – GIF animation (2016)


Bye bye 2016 – GIF animation (2016)

I fixed my old gif animation. It is just for fun!